Ralph Krubner
Photographer on the Go

Brooklyn Bridge Centennial, NY 1983

Commercial Photographic Services, Stock Photography,
Travel Photography, Work on Commission, and more.
Considerable lighting equipment for tough indoor jobs.
Studio work as well as outdoor work.

The Ralph Krubner Store

Remembering Ralph

Links to agencies that distribute my work:

Photos in MIRA (Ralph's).
This agency is a photographers Co-op which pays 60% of the earned fees to the photographer. Owned and operated by the members, it conducts business on-line and welcomes both digital and film images. The film must be scanned however since no film is held or reviewed by the co-op. ALL of it's images have always been on-line.

Photos in MIRA (Blanche's). As above.

Photos in Index Stock. This mid size general interest agency was one of the first to have most of it's images on-line and is also quite "photographer friendly".

Photos in Superstock. Based in Florida, but with worldwide coverage this large agency made a splash a few years ago with it's very intensive catalog based selling effort.

Photos in Robertstock. This Philadelphia based but also worldwide agency is the pioneer of the stock photo field. It started in 1922 as H. Armstrong Roberts and has grown into a major agency. It has divisions like CLASSIC STOCK that go beyond its general interest roots.